Unified Communications

Telephony infrastructures have changed rapidly and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) / Unified Communication (integrated voice-mail, e-mail and fax) is leading the way in providing a better technology to simplify and integrate across multiple devices and media types which allow you to get connected and be available for what matters most… your customers.

With the convergence of voice and data networks, businesses are no longer limited to a traditional business phone system but have available to them enhanced technologies that consolidate networks and integrates communication platforms – providing your business with a distinct competitive advantage and a much lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Unified Communication (UC)

According to studies the average of 5.3 hours a week are spent by an individual in waiting on a response or answer to needed information. This time spent is primarily not knowing the best media to use to communicate your needs based on the responders’ availability to reply or be found. The use of an intelligent converged network allows you to send and receive e-mails, voice-mails and faxes in providing “availability status” and the “best media” to be located and exchange information.

Unified communications also eliminates fragmented communication environments allowing “real-time” connectivity and presence awareness needed in collaboration.  In using the network for context and collaboration, a business can streamline their processes and gain both speed and agility.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

In addition to gained efficiencies in communication and accessibility through Unified Communication; VoIP phone systems can dramatically lower your total cost of doing business over traditional phone systems:

Reduced Monthly Cost: By utilizing the internet or your own private data network to make calls, local and long distance charges can be dramatically reduced.

Reduced Investment: A separate cabling infrastructure no longer needs to be installed or maintained since VoIP phone systems run on the data network.

Capital Gain: Hardware-based telephone systems depreciate over time. VoIP phone systems as a software-based solution actually can appreciate in value with improved features and functionality gained through new software releases.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: The average on-site service call for Moves / Adds / Changes (MAC) average $150 – $200 per incident with traditional phone systems. MAC’s can be handled remotely with VoIP; eliminating the need of an onsite service technician.

Call Center Systems

A significant step in implementing and supporting your business’s VoIP/Unified Communication strategy is selecting the appropriate phone system to meet your business’s needs. TXC Technologies LLC partners with manufacturers of phones systems that have best-of-class features such as Call Centers. As a value-add to our customers, TXC Technologies LLC can assist you in the procurement, training and support of your VoIP-based Call Center phone system.

Higher Business Productivity

The traditional brick and mortar office becomes a virtual office in having access to voice, fax and data services through the internet. Employees can spend more time growing your business in face-to-face meetings with new prospects or in delivering value to your current customers.

Our experienced and certified professionals in partnerships with VoIP / Unified Communications industry leaders like Digium, Avaya and Microsoft can help you get connected and available for what matters most… YOUR Customers.